The Four Decisions You Must Make When Going On Medicare

When you are about to go on Medicare, there are four decisions you must make. Three of these decisions are possibly permanent in that you may not be able to change them later if you make a poor decision.

It is critical to both your health and finances that you get these decisions right.

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The only way to make sure you get these decisions right is to take the time to learn for yourself how Medicare works and what your options are with Medicare.

You should not simply take the recommendation of a high-pressure stranger who calls you on the phone who is trying to meet his or her sales quota for the week.

Nor should you trust someone who knocks on your door uninvited because they found your name and address on a list of people in your community who are about to turn 65. No one who has your best interest and safety in mind will want you to open your house to someone you do not know.

You should find a resource who can provide clear, easy-to-understand information about Medicare so you can make the right decision for yourself. After all, if you make the wrong decision about your Medicare, you will be the one paying the price.

Unfortunately, the information provided by Medicare itself can be confusing and even contradictory. And it may not apply to your unique situation.

Medicare Answer Center can be such a resource but there are plenty available.

The four key decisions you must make when going on Medicare are as follows:

  1. Will you stay with traditional Medicare or sign your Medicare benefits over to a for-profit, private Medicare Advantage plan.
  2. Once you decide the stay with traditional Medicare, what type of Medicare Supplement should you choose.
  3. Once you choose what type of Medicare Supplement you will have, which carrier will you choose to provide your Medicare Supplement to you.
  4. Which Medicare Part D drug plan will you choose to protect you from the potential cost of expensive medications whether you take such medications now or are prescribed them in the future.

The following blogs I have previously written will help you answer these questions:

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  4. Do I Need A Medicare Part D Drug Plan?

I would appreciate the chance to help you with your Medicare.

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