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Do I Really Need a Medicare Drug Plan?

I am often asked the following question "Charlie, I don't think I need a Medicare Part D drug plan. I don't take any medications. Can't I just add that later if I ever need it?"

Regardless of whether you take several expensive medications or take no medications at all, almost everyone on Medicare needs to enroll in a Medicare Part D drug plan.

There are three primary reasons you need a Medicare Part D drug plan even if you take no medications:

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Will Your Medicare Plan Be On Your Side Against Cancer?

I hate cancer.

I vividly remember as a 12 year-old being in the surgery waiting room at Baptist Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee on a snowy January day. My dad - my best friend, my baseball coach, my golf teacher and playing partner, my fellow history buff and my hero - was undergoing surgery for a supposedly benign tumor in his kidney. (The picture above is my dad and me from around 1969)

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