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“OK, but how do you get paid?”

2017-08-09 Charles Bradshaw

Charles Bradshaw

I can almost always tell when the question is coming from the uncomfortable pause and tone.

I have just spent half an hour explaining to someone who is about to go on Medicare how Medicare works, what their options are with Medicare when they turn 65 and, most importantly, how a bad Medicare decision can quickly become permanent.

“Okay, you’ve helped me understand this more than anyone else I’ve talked to but why are you doing this? How do you get paid?”

I love the question.

When I first started helping people with Medicare many years ago, I very quickly realized many people going on Medicare do not fully understand the importance of the decision they make when they first go on Medicare.

This is understandable.

Most people are accustomed to an insurance situation with their employer in which they can choose every year what their insurance will be. They assume they can always change next year if they regret their decision this year.

Medicare does not work this way.

After someone has been on Medicare for only 6 months, their ability to change their Medicare coverage is limited by whether they have any health problems. If someone has health problems when they first go on Medicare or develop health problems anytime after that, their original Medicare choice will likely be the one they will have the rest of their life.

When I realized how many people were trapped in private, for-profit Medicare Advantage plans that limited their access to health care when they became sick and needed care the most, I decided to make it my life’s work to help as many people as possible understand their Medicare options and avoid making a permanent Medicare mistake.

I therefore focus most of my time on writing blogs, making videos, writing books and writing emails such as this to help people learn about Medicare from a neutral source.

I also talk with 5 or 6 people every day who are about to go on Medicare to help them understand their options.

Once someone has learned about Medicare and decided what type of Medicare plan they want and which company they want to provide that plan, I can assist them in enrolling in that plan.

I enroll around half of the people I help in a Medicare plan. Many of the people I do not help enroll are people who I advise to stay with their employer coverage because they are still working.

Some of the reasons I advise them to stay with their employer coverage are because it may be a better option financially, they may need to stay on their employer coverage to provide coverage to a spouse not yet eligible for Medicare or their employer coverage may provide expensive medications they take at a lower cost than Medicare would.

Many people I talk with have already talked with an agent who has recommended a plan and they ask me whether it would be a good choice. If the agent has done a good job and recommended a plan with a proven company that will provide the person with maximum access and choice in health care if they become sick without having to pay thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in unexpected costs, then I encourage them to enroll through that agent.

When I enroll someone in a Medicare Supplement, I am fairly compensated by the Medicare Supplement carrier for providing this service. The person going on Medicare does not pay me anything nor do they pay any more for working with me.

Enough people enroll through me that I am able to provide a nice living for my family.

I consider it a win/win situation. I make a decent living while helping as many people as possible make good Medicare decisions that will help them get the health care they need the rest of their life at a reasonable and predictable cost.

I would appreciate the chance to help you with your Medicare so you can choose the right Medicare plan for you both now and in the future.

Simply click the following link to schedule a free, no-obligation 30-minute Medicare consultation.

Click here to schedule your free, no-obligation Medicare consultation

You can also call me at 888-549-1110 or email me at

I look forward to talking with you soon.

p.s. If you know of someone who needs help with their Medicare, please forward this email to them.

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