Improving your Medicare Part D Drug Plan

Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period is from October 15 until December 7.

During this time, you can take the following actions to improve your Medicare coverage

  1. Leave a for-profit, restricted-access Medicare Advantage plan to return to regular Medicare and enroll in a Medicare Supplement and stand-along Medicare Part D drug plan.. You may be required to answer health questions to qualify for the Medicare Supplement.
  2. Improve your Medicare Supplement by switching from a Plan F supplement which is being phased out beginning on 2020 to a more cost effective Plan G Medicare Supplement.
  3. Improve your Medicare Supplement from a Plan N which may require you to pay 15 percent of your medical bills to a Plan G Medicare Supplement that pays all of your cost after a once-a-year Medicare Part B deducitble of $183.
  4. Improve your Medicare Part D drug plan to one which will provide your medications at a lower cost and not have an annual deductible of up to $405.

Today, I want to share with you how to improve your Medicare Part D drug plan.

Most states have around 20-25 options for Medicare Part D drug plans. These plans vary in the following ways:

  • How much is the monthly premium
  • Whether the plan has an annual deductible or not
  • If there is a deductible how much it is
  • If there is a deductible to which drugs does it apply
  • Which drugs does it cover
  • How much it requires you to pay for the drugs you take

Medicare provides a wonderful tool to help you identify which Medicare Part D drug plan will provide your medications at the lowest overall cost.

You can access this tool by clicking on the following link:

Click here to access Medicare’s Part D Plan Finder Tool

You can click on the following links to view 5 short tutorials for using this system”

Medicare Plan Finder Lesson 1: Getting Started

Medicare Plan Finder Lesson 2: Entering Your Prescription Drugs

Medicare Plan Finder Lesson 3: Selecting Pharmacies

Medicare Plan Finder Lesson 4: Refining and Sorting Your Plan Results

Medicare Plan Finder Lesson 5: Comparing Plans

Please note the Plan Finder Tool will create a Drug ID list and a Password so you can recall your drug list later. Please write these down or print them out.

I strongly recommend Medicare Part D drug plans with a 4-Star rating or higher. This rating reflects the satisfaction members have had with this plan.

I also recommend a Medicare Part D drug plan with no annual deductible. Having no annual deductible will save you money if you currently take or are prescribed expensive medications.

Overall, I recommend SilverScript Choice if your drugs are covered under this plan.

Please click the following link for more information about SilverScript Choice :

Click here for information about SilverScript Choice

Please email me at if you would like to enroll in SilverScript Choice.

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