Improving Your Medicare – Part 1

Avoiding high Plan N out-of-pocket costs

2017-08-09 Charles Bradshaw
Charles Bradshaw President  MedicareAnswerCenter

The Plan N Medicare Supplement was created in 2010 with the Medicare Modernization Act of 2010.

With a Plan N Medicare Supplement, the policy holder can usually save $10 to $20 per month compared to a Plan G Medicare Supplement.

However, the policy holder must potentially pay the following three additional costs – one of which can have a significant impact on accessing the best care





  1. A $20 copay for any doctor visit that is not an annual checkup or well woman exam. This is the same for both primary care doctors and specialists
  2. A $50 copay if the policy holder goes to an Emergency Room and is not admitted as an in-patient
  3. All Medicare Part B Excess charges.

What is Medicare Part B Excess?

Some medical providers elect to not accept Medicare’s regular payment schedule so they can collect an extra 15 percent for the services they provide to people on Medicare. This is called Medicare Part B Excess.

As you can expect, the medical providers who choose to charge this extra amount are ones in such high demand they can afford to be selective in choosing who will be their patients.

Prominent medical providers such as Mayo Clinic charge Medicare Part B Excess as well as many prominent cardiologists, orthopedic surgeons, oncologists, rheumatologists, endocrinologists, opthamologists and more.

The percentage of medical providers who charge Medicare Part B excess is increasing every year in all areas of the country.

Even though Medicare Part B Excess applies only to services under Medicare Part B, hospitals have increasingly shifted services that were formerly under Medicare Part A to Medicare Part B. The majority of services received at a hospital such as MRIs, chemotherapy and outpatient surgery are now billed under Medicare Part B.

There are even many situations where a patient who may be in a hospital facility for 3-4 days is billed as “under observation” (Medicare Part B) rather than as an in-patient (Medicare Part A).

Depending on the type of care you receive, this 15 percent additional cost can result in you having to pay several thousand dollars or more out of your pocket.

This extra charge may unfortunately cause you to choose a lower cost provider rather than the doctor or hospital you believe provides you with the best chance for the best health outcome.

Fortunately, a Medicare Supplement Plan G – which is usually only a few dollars more than Plan N – fully pays all Medicare Part B Excess charges. Many people can even obtain a Plan G Medicare Supplement for less than they are currently paying for Plan N.

If you currently have a Plan N Medicare Supplement, it is a very smart move to upgrade to a Plan G Medicare Supplement.

Simply click on the link below to schedule a free, no-obligation 30-minute appointment with me to enroll in a Plan G Medicare Supplement. Depending on how long you have been on Medicare, your eligibility to enroll in Plan G may be dependent on your current health.

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Also, if you know someone who has a Medicare Supplement Plan N please share this with them so they can understand why they may want to upgrade to a Plan G Medicare Supplement.


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